Yves Rodier's A Day at the Airport

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Yves Rodier's A Day at the Airport Empty Yves Rodier's A Day at the Airport

Post by Rianna Lauren on Fri Jun 10, 2011 11:12 am

Yes, Yver Rodier IS awesome in his own way.

Herge once had the idea for his next Tintin story, which was a Tintin adventure set in an airport. But eventually, he left this idea and went on with Alph-Art. Rodier took this idea, made a cover and one page for it, but it was sadly abandoned after that one and only page circulated around the internet.

Click here to view the cover and click here to view the one and only page Rodwell managed to finish for this story.

To see original black/white sketches, designs, and the story page in French, you can click here to check them all out.

In my opinion, this is truly a story with potentials. If I were to write a fanfiction based on this, I have ideas. Lots of ideas. I can just imagine the fun of having an airport adventure. Truly wish Rodier finished this one up.
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