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Rozza's Tintin Fanfiction: The Hexed Legend Empty Rozza's Tintin Fanfiction: The Hexed Legend

Post by Rozza on Tue Sep 06, 2011 7:57 pm

In an attempt to reconcile the Captain with an old noble friend, Tintin finds himself entangled in Britain's mysterious Staffordshire moorlands, where a tumultuous family blight is truly not what it seems and takes his adventures to a stranger, deeper level...

The Hexed Legend v.III on DA


If you've been long time searching for Tintin fanfiction then it's more than likely on or on DeviantArt, you've come across The Hexed Legend! I've been writing it for a long time, well over 3 years in fact and goodness it is tough work. On the third and hopefully final version now on DA whilst hosts version two, which I'm not entirely proud of out of storyline aspects.

This story is also the debut of my OC, Lady Grey Talbot, a young female aristocrat with seemingly high aspirations but realistic ways of gaining her own life as a freelance detective despite her noble standing. Always holding a trusting umbrella and dressed to impress, Grey's personality is somewhat an enigma until friendship proves her clarity, alongside her independence away from her dysfunctional heritage...


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